Taxi directions

Many guests ask us if we provide airport transportation.  We cannot, by law, do that.  You have to have a special license to do this in Mexico.  The licenses are reserved, as a rule , to Mexicans. So the quickest and easiest way to get to the house from the airport is to take an airport taxi.


When you exit customs (where you push the button for the red or green light), you will exit into a wide corridor. You will see a large sign reading "TAXI" . Go there, give the person at the counter the address of the house: Calle Galeana #348 in El Cerro.  They will then charge you $20 to $24 US dollars and give you a ticket. 



Take the ticket, exit the airport and there will be a cab driver there more than happy to take the ticket and bring you to the house. If he seems lost (they always do, do not panic), tell him we are near Cuatro Vientos Hotel.  We are only one block up the hill from there.