Cancellation policy

When you book the room, we charge one night or 25% to your credit card. Please note: CHARGES WILL APPEAR AS David W. Held, and will originate in Pennsylvania USA. This may happen the day you book, it may happen a week or more later. It all depends on David's schedule.  Don't panic, if we say you have a room, you have a room. Just because the card isn't charged you needn't worry.  However, to those of you who DO worry, thank you!


If you must cancel, if you do so 60 days prior to your arrival, we refund your deposit.  If you cancel less than 90 days prior to your arrival, if we rent the room, we refund your money. If we are unable to rent the room, we apply the deposit to a future stay within one year at Villa David based on availability. All refunds are subject to a $25 USD administrative fee.


Holidays:  Due to our small size and high demand over the holiday seasons, cancellations affect us greatly. The deposit is charged upon booking, the balance is charged 30 days BEFORE your arrival. 


The balance of your stay is charged upon arrival, sometimes sooner, sometimes later, once again depending on David's schedule. Charges appear as David W. Held. If it is sooner, it is usually just a few days, so it shouldn't impact you too much.


If you do not show up at all without calling or e-mailing or anything, we charge you everything and give nothing back!!